CBD Gold with Ginger


CBD with Ginger

Worldwide, ginger root is actually the most widely-used condiment, and has been used in China and India for over 4,700 years. Gingerol is an oily resin in the root hat has been associated with most of the known benefits. Among other benefits, ginger is historically used for supporting the body's ability to release stomach acids, improve digestion, and relieve minor nausea.
What are CBDs?
CBD (cannabidiol) is a natural hemp extract traditionally used to relieve nausea and promote nervous-system health. CBDs from plant extracts resemble compounds naturally produced by our own bodies, called endocannabinoids (eCBD), in response to minor pain or inflammation.
CBD Gold is lab tested multiple times during the manufacturing process, from seed to shelf. To ensure safety and quality, our CBD oil is tested for CBD content, other cannabinoid content, yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria, and microbiological. This specialized hemp cultivar, grown specifically for our product, is non-GMO, 100% natural, and cultivated without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. CBD GOLD is the most convenient and pleasant way to add CBD to your daily routine.


This is a vegan, THC-free product! Please click on image for ingredients and additional information.

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  • Manufactured by: Lidtke

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